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1. We Collect

After choosing which online learning platforms to review, we scan the Internet & collect in-depth information, real user feedback, success stories, complains, and any other useful data we can find online about the online course platforms.

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The collected valuable data about online learning platforms is analyzed by our expert researchers. In this best MOOCs review process step, we make sure that only fact-checked information is reflected in our elearning reviews.

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When the data is collected and the score is given, our best MOOC experts craft in-depth online learning platform reviews, guides & tutorials. These unbiased MOOC reviews will guide you towards finding the best online course platforms!

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TOP 10 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2021

Wondering which online learning platforms are worth your time & effort? We have found the most worthy online course platforms for you. Take a look at this expert-made TOP10 list of online learning platforms 2020 & gain a new skill or level-up your career in no time!


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1. Udacity Review

Pros: Udacity has simplistic & convenient design, as well as good quality courses (even the free ones). Also, the platform offers a lot of different features to choose from.

Cons:  A huge leap in prices & lack of customer support. Also, Udacity seems to have a small community, which sometimes can look unreliable.

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  • Nanodegree programs
  • Suitable for enterprises
  • Paid certificates of completion

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2. DataCamp Review

ProsThe platform is easy to use & offers quality content focused on data science. Their pricing is very transparent and matches the quality of courses. Also, courses are beginner-friendly.

ConsSome of the courses include a lot of walls of text instead of videos or other visual materials. Free account users have relatively few learning options for courses or other content.

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  • Free certificates of completion
  • Focused on data science skills
  • Flexible learning timetable

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3. Udemy Review

ProsUdemy has great variety of courses connected to a huge user base, which can be helpful and reassuring. Udemy platform seems to be very easy to navigate & works smoothly with no technical issues.

ConsPlatform’s pricing can be confusing & inconsistent at times, same with the numbers that they display (number of users, instructors). Also, because there’s a lack of eLearning reviews on courses, it’s hard to evaluate the quality of a course before buying.

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  • Huge variety of courses
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Free certificates of completion

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4. Coursera Review

Pros: Professional service with higher education study materials. Flexible learning timetables. A variety of features to choose from (e.g. course auditing, specializations). You can get a degree from leading universities.

Cons: Even though cheaper than on-campus studying, certification programs and degrees are still comparably expensive. Some instructors are camera-shy. Courses could be a bit difficult for absolute beginners.

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  • Professional certificates
  • University-level courses
  • Online degree programs

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4. Edx Review

Pros: Edx is well-established in the industry & has a wide range of features to choose from. This platform is easy to navigate & provides university-level courses.

Cons: Some courses have a hefty price tag that is no suitable for everyone & the platform tends to crash at times. Also, some courses are poorly made and have a lack of quality.

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  • University-level courses
  • Suitable for enterprises
  • Paid Certificates of completion


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Reviewing Online Learning Platforms

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