Coding Ninjas Review 2021: IS Worth It 

 April 18, 2021

By  Zain Malik

Coding Ninjas Review

Coding ninjas is an interactive learning platform that teaches topics related to data science. The engaging and bite-sized design of its courses is appealing to beginners and learners looking for active content. Its courses and track programs focus on gaining new skills and career paths.

Coding ninjas courses are challenging and exciting, great for both beginners and advanced learners alike with their interactive courses and real-world projects. Suitable for learners of any skill level, you’ll find everything you’re looking for – and then some! – when you decide to take coding ninjas courses. 

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • One of the best places to learn how to code
  • experienced Experts
  • Few community features

Coding Ninjas Review – Introduction

Launched all the way back in 2016 to bridge the knowledge gap between colleges and industry. Founded by Ankush Singla, Kannu Mittal, and Dhawal Parate, Coding Ninjas boasts of world-class teaching faculty and a state-of-art learning platform for Coding education with faculty alumni of IIT, Stanford, IIIT, and Facebook.

Coding Ninjas teaches 17+ Programming courses in Foundation,l Advanced, Data & Development courses such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, Android, and offers a lot of different and unique features that we’ll go over later in this Coding Ninjas review.

Today, the Coding Ninjas ecosystem comprises 40,000+ students and alumni, 1000+ Campus Ambassadors, 2000+ Teaching Assistants, and 150+ employees.

Coding ninjas Reviews: PROS

To start things off, we’re going to take a look at some of the more positive user coding ninjas reviews.

It’s worth pointing out that, in general, the public opinion about the learning platform online is quite positive. While there are a few negative aspects and coding ninjas complaints that should be addressed, we’ll get to them, too – first up, however, let’s discuss the main target audience of the platform.

IT-Oriented Courses

Visiting coding ninjas’s official website, you’ll notice that there are a few categories of courses to pick from. These categories include:

  • Data Science and AI
  • Project Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps
  • Business and Leadership
  • Software Development
  • Agile and Scrum
  • IT Service and Architecture
  • Digital Marketing
  • Quality Management
  • Big Data

Indeed, reading through the user coding ninjas reviews left online, it’s obvious that most people have come to the platform and purchased a subscription simply because they want to further their knowledge in the field of IT, no matter what the specifics are.

Ease of Use

Many e-learning platforms these days try to pack as much stuff as possible within them. Since the market is becoming more and more competitive, some companies are trying to lure in potential new students by offering a huge quantity of various content.

Oftentimes, however, this results in the platform becoming over-encumbered and really frustrating to navigate through.

The very first thing that you’ll see once you enter coding ninjas main page is a banner with a registration form and a short, simple one-liner – “Learn.Code.Upskill.”.

I have to admit, I was actually pleasantly surprised – the whole page is very simplistic, has a contrasting color palette (it doesn’t bother your eyes), portrays the main information and some “call to action” type of stuff, and that’s basically it! It’s simple, yet effective – the website immediately caught my interest.

You can access the courses by either entering a keyword into the search bar or picking one from the drop-down menu on the top of the page. Once you go to the “All Courses” page, you’ll be able to see the recommended courses, ones sorted by topic or technology, upcoming additions or even browse the library.

When you pick a course and enter its designated page, you’ll probably immediately notice one thing – it’s as simple and basic as they come.

I mean, honestly – I have not seen a more basic course landing page in my life. I was a bit confused at first, thinking that I’m probably missing something, but nope – that’s all you get! Some general info about the course, a description, instructor info, and a lesson list. That’s literally it! I haven’t even seen many of the coding ninjas reviews mention this – it’s a big deal!

Content Quality

A lot of people wonder “is coding ninjas worth it?”Content quality plays a big role in answering this question. This is probably a no-brainer, but if an online education-based company wants to survive and build a reputation for itself, the quality of the content that it provides should be on the top of the priority list. Because this is such an important aspect, let’s analyze the quality of the content that coding ninjas provides as the next step in this coding ninjas review.

  • The instructor speaks clearly;
  • The course instructions are easily understood;
  • The course has no filler information;
  • The course offers additional value.

If you try to look for coding ninjas reviews that would reflect the quality of the site’s courses, you’ll probably notice a common trend. It can probably be summed up with the following statement:

“coding ninjas is great, but…”

Most of the coding ninjas reviews that are talking about the courses on the site that I’ve come across were very two-sided. Students seem to really genuinely enjoy the site, yet there’s always something that they didn’t particularly like.

Some of the most common complaints when it comes to the content on coding ninjas are that it’s a) not very practical, and b) is way too text-based. Students claim that, while there are usually great examples given, the instructors tend to get somewhat hand-holdy and “do the work for you”. This way, you lose the opportunity to study, learn and solve the given problem yourself.


It really shows that BitDegree cares about its learners as it offers an abundance of features, starting from gamification that is implemented together with the Octalysis Group. Such features include:

  • Resume building workshops
  • Non-tech rounds preparation
  • Hirst account for job hunting
  • Placement cell for guidance

The tutorial section of the platform is being constantly updated with new articles that are not only relevant to anyone who wants to get into these industries but is also quite extensive in their nature.


Even though pricing tends to be a heated topic when it comes to e-learning platforms, coding ninja seems to have it all sorted out.

coding ninjas offer an array of courses with different pricing that reflects the type of course. If you are looking to ‘Pursue the Verified track’ (paid option) the price range is usually between 4000 to 5000/m, cheaper if you compare it to a Full Master’s degree which can be anywhere from 9000 to 12000. I speak a little more in-depth about the other professional education courses that coding ninja offers below.

The second pricing option is just that – paid courses with individual price tags. The prices may vary depending on the length, quality of the course, but you can get discounts: coding ninjas give out discount codes on social media, or have sales on some special days like Black Friday or celebrations.

If you see a course and can’t afford it, coding ninjas also has a solution for that: they have started micro-scholarships where you can apply, explain why you need this course, and get funded if you’re lucky. How does this work?

All in all, the pricing on the website is objective and very reasonable. Since each individual paid course has its own price tag, you can make sure that it does suit your expectations by reading the description or watching the preview. There are also tons of free courses – many more than are available with most other MOOC providers out there!

Learning Experience

The learning experience can be defined by summarizing all of the other points covered in this review – everything from decent pricing all the way to the quality of the courses adds to create an overall learning experience.

If you’re still wondering is coding ninjas worth it, it is obvious that the company does everything to ensure that its users have an amazing learning experience. The users tend to agree, too – according to the vast majority of the student reviews that BitDegree receives, it seems that users love the platform, and are super happy to have found it!

Based on everything seen whilst writing this article, and the general tone of most of the online coding ninjas reviews, it is probably safe to conclude that if you decide to choose coding ninjas as your online course provider, you can expect to have an awesome learning experience.


Ok, so let’s conclude with whether coding ninjas is worth it.

If you are looking to build your skills and gain knowledge in data science and analytics skills then coding ninjas is a good option for you. The added feature is to follow and complete one of its skill or career tracks to get the most out of your learning.

Although it does offer a certificate when you have successfully completed your course, this certificate is not accredited. So if you are looking to earn a validated certificate that is partnered by a University or Institution then its best you check out platforms like Coursera and udacity as probably they are a better fit.

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