Adda 247 Coaching: An Overview of Courses, Fees 

 September 18, 2023

By  Zain Malik

In an age where government jobs and banking positions are in high demand, rigorous and dedicated preparation stands at the forefront of achieving these ambitions. Adda 247 has, over the years, established its credibility as an invaluable resource for aspirants. This platform offers extensive coaching for numerous examinations, particularly focusing on government and banking sectors. Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of Adda 247’s course offerings, its fee structure, and the top-notch facilities that set this institution apart.

SSC Adda 247 – A Foundation for SSC Aspirants

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) exams, recognized as some of the most competitive exams in India, have a vast number of aspirants every year. SSC Adda 247 is specifically tailored to equip these aspirants with the tools and knowledge they require.

Range of Courses Offered

SSC Adda 247 proudly presents a varied range of courses, each designed to cater to the different examinations under the SSC umbrella:

  1. SSC CGL: The Combined Graduate Level exam, a favorite among graduates, requires an in-depth understanding of quantitative aptitude, general intelligence, English language, and general awareness. The course is designed to enhance conceptual clarity in each of these areas.
  2. SSC CHSL: The Combined Higher Secondary Level exam, targeting 10+2 pass candidates, also demands a strong foundation in similar subjects. The curriculum thus provides an intensive focus on these.
  3. SSC MTS: The Multi Tasking Staff examination is another that sees a massive number of applications. The course curriculum is crafted to suit the requirements of this examination specifically.
  4. SSC JE: The Junior Engineer exam, meant for candidates with an engineering background, requires a different approach. As such, the course material and teaching methodology are tweaked to cater to the needs of engineering concepts along with the standard subjects.
  5. There are several other SSC exams like SSC Stenographer, SSC GD Constable, etc., and for each, there’s a specialized curriculum in place.

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Detailed Fee Structure

Understanding the economic constraints of many aspirants, SSC Adda 247 has implemented a fee structure that promises quality education without burning a hole in one’s pocket. While the exact fee might oscillate based on the specific course, its duration, and the materials provided, a general overview is:

  1. Short-term courses: Ranging between INR XX,XXX to INR XX,XXX.
  2. Comprehensive long-term courses: Falling in the ballpark of INR XX,XXX to INR XXX,XXX.

Bankers Adda247 – Navigating the World of Banking Exams

The banking sector, revered for its stability and attractive remuneration, attracts countless candidates. Bankers Adda247 stands as a beacon for these aspirants, guiding them through the labyrinth of banking examinations.

A Panorama of Courses

Bankers Adda247 ensures that every major banking exam in India is covered under its vast canopy:

  1. IBPS PO: The Probationary Officer exam by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is one of the premier exams for which Adda 247 provides exhaustive study material, mock tests, and strategy sessions.
  2. SBI Clerk: State Bank of India’s clerical examination requires a different set of strategies. The course not only covers the syllabus but also provides insights into time management and efficient problem-solving.
  3. RBI Grade B: Being India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India’s Grade B exam is prestigious and equally challenging. The curriculum is carefully curated, emphasizing economic concepts, banking regulations, and current affairs, apart from the traditional subjects.

Transparent Fee Structure

For Bankers Adda247, the focus remains on delivering quality at a price that remains inclusive:

  1. Short-term intensive courses: Generally priced between INR X,XXX to INR XX,XXX.
  2. In-depth long-term courses: The fee for these usually ranges from INR XX,XXX to INR XXX,XXX.

Adda247 – Not Just Coaching, An Experience

Pioneering Infrastructure

A defining feature of Adda247 is its state-of-the-art infrastructure. The classrooms, whether physical or virtual, are equipped with the latest technology to facilitate interactive learning.

Flexibility with Online and Offline Modes

Recognizing the changing dynamics of education, Adda247 offers courses in both online and offline formats. The online platform, enriched with video lessons, mock tests, and e-books, allows aspirants from remote locations to access quality education.

Personalized Learning Experience

The student-teacher ratio at Adda247 is optimized to ensure that each student garners individual attention. Doubt-clearing sessions, personalized feedback, and mentorship programs further amplify the learning experience.

Beyond Academics

What sets Adda247 apart is its emphasis on producing well-rounded candidates. Personality development sessions, interview training modules, and regular feedback mechanisms ensure aspirants are ready not just for exams but for the challenges of their prospective job roles as well.

In summation, Adda247 transcends the conventional boundaries of coaching institutes. Its courses, competitive fee structure, and state-of-the-art facilities make it a favored choice for countless aspirants. Whether your dream lies in the corridors of government offices or the echelons of the banking sector, Adda247 promises a journey of structured learning and holistic development.

(Note: All fees mentioned as “INR X,XXX” need to be updated with the current figures from Adda 247’s official resources.)

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